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Exhibition News

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Lantu Stationery was started in 1988, and it formally established Wenzhou Fengsheng Pen Industry Co. Ltd. in 1995. Since the beginning of its establishment, Lantu has been adhering to the spirit of pioneering, and driven by its innovation capacity, achieving self-reliant manufacturing of abrading tools in 1997 and independent design in 2001, and building up its automatic production line in 2007. Over the years, relying on a variety of international quality management system standards and advanced digital production systems, Lantu has realized intelligent, efficient and interconnected enterprise manufacturing capacity. Lantu built and put into operation its second factory in Fujian in 2011. It entered the domestic market under its proprietary brand of "Lantu" in 2016. By means of merger it was incorporated into Lantu Stationary Co. Ltd. in 2020. Over more than thirty years of innovation and development, Lantu has grown into a modern high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, manufacturing of abrading tools, automated production, and branding operation.

Wenzhou Lantu was established in 1995 and is recognized as a premier manufacturer of high-quality writing instruments. We are an export-oriented enterprise that integrates production, sales, research and service together.
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